Chemex Brewers & Equipment

About Chemex

CHEMEX  is a US based company manufacturing its products in Massachusetts.  The products they offer are a combination of functionality and art to create the perfect cup of coffee. After one cup of freshly roasted coffee from one of the Chemex brewers you will never think about your old coffee makers ever again. 

Fig Leaf Coffee Company carries some of the most popular and easy to use products made by Chemex. If you would like to learn more about why Chemex has the best pour-over hardware in the market, check out their website

Chemex Products with Fig Leaf Coffee

This is your chance to buy one of the best pour-over coffee brewers on the market. We also recommend picking up some of the accessories like filters, lids, brushes and mugs to give you the best coffee brewing experience. 

Don't forget that these products make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays or any other special event you are attending.