Green Coffee Beans

Roast at Home

As a coffee roaster myself I understand that going through the roasting process can be a form of therapy or time to unwind and get creative. That's why I have decided to provide an extensive listing of green coffee beans for those who love to try your hand at home roasting coffee. 


Each Single Origin coffee we carry is available for purchase as a green coffee option. We do not offer any blends for purchase as green coffee.  All of our blends are roasted individually, then blended together. 


  1. Ethiopia Guji – Clean, Sweet, Berry Notes
  2. Brazil Pocos de Caldas – Light Cocoa, Maple Syrup, Light Almond 
  3. Kenya Nyeri – Aguthi Thageini – Chocolate Milk, Citrus, Buttery Finish 
  4. Kenya AA Twiga – Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Bright Acidity 
  5. Brazil Serra Azul – Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Well Rounded
  6. Peru Cenfrocafe Norte FTO – Dark Honey, Dark Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker
  7. Ethiopia Sidamo - Raspberry, roses, w/ strawberry and blueberry during cool-down.
  8. DECAF: Peru FTO (Select Water) – Dark Chocolate, Peanuts, Smokey Molasses
  9. Papua New Guinea, Nebilyer Valley – Smooth, Mellon and Apple, Bright
  10. Mexico Chiapas San Fernando FTO –Fudge, Light Lemon, Medium Acidity
  11. Tanzania AA+ Usongwe – Stone fruit, pear, dark honey, clean finish
  12. DECAF: Organic Honduras (Select Water) – Almond, Honey and Cherry
  13. Costa Rica Monte Crisol – Caramel, Dark Cherry, Smooth & Rich Cocoa
  14. Rwanda Coopac FTO – Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Syrupy
  15. Colombia Red EcolSierra FTO – Red Berries, Milk Chocolate, Mild Acidity
  16. Nicaragua Segovia FTO – Dark Brown Sugar, Molasses, Rich Cocoa 
  17. Sumatra Aceh Arinagata FTO- Bold and Rich, Earthy, Bittersweet Chocolate finish

FTO = Fair Trade & Organic

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