Shipping Options


Shipping Options

We offer a number of options for shipping your product. The most important thing is that you get your coffee fast, dry and in good shape!

The bags of coffee are normally wrapped in a plastic bag to make sure the coffee stays dry when dropped off by the carrier. 

USPS - U.S. Postal Service - We offer the following USPS shipping options

  • Priority Express Mail
  • Priority Mail 
  • First Class


  • UPS Ground
  • Next Day Air
  • Next Day Saver

*Please note that on occasion we will run specials on shipping (ex: Flat Rate for $5.00). During these specials the coffee will be shipped at the lowest cost option however, we will not ship on Thursday or Friday. This will limit the time the coffee sits in a warehouse over the weekend.

Free Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $55 or more to all states except the following: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon & Washington.  Packages will be mailed at the lowest cost method.