Wholesale for Restaurants, Hotels or Coffee Shops

Additional Information

Each and every business we work with is unique. At Fig Leaf Coffee Company we approach each wholesale client with the intent of creating a great working relationship very similar to how a family operates. Communication is key because we roast each wholesale order specific to each wholesale client.  

We do not want you to be just another customer. We want you to be excited, happy and energized as this shows your customers your passion. We will work with any customer industry to create a wholesale relationship. 

If you are interested in purchasing at wholesale rates, please contact us at info@figleafcoffeecompany.com.  

Wholesale rates begin with the purchase of 10 pounds of one coffee and must be on a regular delivery (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) schedule. 

Wholesale for Offices

Coffee at the Office

We work with offices, legal teams and customer driven businesses that need to have quality coffee options. Most coffee served in the office is rough at best and that's where Fig Leaf can help make your day better! 

Each customer is unique so please contact us for pricing information at info@figleafcoffeecompany.com or 216.645.6167 

Single Serve Cups

We offer reusable, single-serve K-Cup style options. Each cup is rated to be used up to 10x and then they are fully recyclable. The cups are used the first time in your machine. After you use it, you open the cup lid, dump out the coffee and rinse it out. Then refill with Fig Leaf Coffee and repeat. Simple, Environmentally Cleaner and Great Coffee! The cups work in all machines that use the K-Cup style cup. 

Foil Packs

If you have a simple coffee pot in the office, not to fear! We create foil packs that are simple to use and offer amazing coffee options. Tear open, dump the coffee in the filter, and brew. We offer sizes from 2 oz. to 7.5 oz. to accommodate any sized coffee brewer. This is considered to be one of our most popular wholesale for business offerings.