About Subscriptions

Why subscribe with Fig Leaf Coffee Company?

The main purpose of this subscription is to make sure you don't run out of coffee, save you time and money!

A subscription will keep you stocked but will also free up your time in going through the checkout process for each order. It's automated and easy. It also gives you a discount on shipping since we use a flat rate of $5.50.

One of the biggest savings factors comes from being locked into a price. When you start your subscription, the price you pay on the sign up date is the price you will continue to pay, even when rates increase for everyone else.

What Fig Leaf offers:

  • We offer a Full-pound (16 oz.) bag or half-pound (8 oz.) with flat rate shipping*.
  • We offer multiple coffee options(mostly single origin) so you can personalize your selection.
  • We offer Whole Bean or Ground Drip  - If you require a different grind, please include a note during checkout or email us.
  • You have unlimited modifications. You can update, skip or cancel at any time yourself.

Delivery Options

You have the option to get the coffee shipped:

  • Weekly
  • Every 2 Weeks
  • Every 3 Weeks
  • Every 4 Weeks

Roaster's Choice

The Roaster's Choice coffee selection is a for those that enjoy something different for each shipment. We will select a specialty coffee that is popular but also interesting and fun. Trust us, it is our job to make great coffee.

If you select this option, we will make sure you don't receive the same coffee each for each week, up to 15 deliveries. This means that if you get a delivery each week for 15 weeks, it will always be a different coffee for 15 weeks. After 15 weeks, you may receive something you had previously. You may also receive something that is not listed as a subscription option like an ultra-specialty option or microlot.


While some roasters spend loads of money on the packaging and marketing of the product, they forget about what's inside the bag. We would rather spend those extra bucks buying small lot, higher quality coffee. Our packaging is still classy and contains a multi-layer barrier with a valve so no worries there on freshness.

Subscription Billing

Your first billing will occur the day you check out with your new subscription. Each billing thereafter will be billed on the Monday of the week your order is going to ship. Your order will ship no later than Wednesday of the week billed. For more information on Subscription Billing please see our Terms of Service Policy, Section 20 Recurring Subscriptions.

Small Farms, Micro Lots and Coffee Regions

Coffee is a food crop similar to corn. Each year, the growing and harvest seasons bring changes to what is available from our farm suppliers. We believe this is what sets us apart from the larger brands. We buy micro lots and favor specific coffee growing regions. When our stock runs out we will always find a suitable single origin replacement that has similar flavor profiles and grade (quality level). We strive to make sure we bring in the highest quality offerings available.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@figleafcoffeecompany.com.

*flat rate shipping is available in most states and some exceptions apply. In certain states and territories not covered by the flat rate shipping, calculated shipping rates apply. Flat rate shipping may increase slightly during the year however, we will notify you if the increase is more than 15%.