Why Fig Leaf Coffee Company?

Growing up in an Italian family, we always had figs as part of our heritage and holidays events. I remember breakfast with my grandparents that included burnt Italian toast, fresh figs and fresh percolated coffee. These were the great memories that I translated into the name of my business.

I take the passion that I remember as a kid and put it into each batch I roast.

How we started?

In the Beginning, I had been working as an Accountant and Financial Analyst for a few Corporate Giants for a number of years.  I went into work everyday and always felt like there was something more I needed to do with my life. I decided to make a huge life change and chase my dream by creating a small business. This dream is important to me because I truly believe in the art of coffee making. I believe that Fig Leaf Coffee should be shared with everyone.

The Fig Leaf Experience

We believe that the customer is what drives our business. We are here to provide a full experience to our customers and not just another bag of commercially roasted coffee. The coffee experience we provide will transport you and will provide you with the road map you need to fully enjoy our specialty coffee.