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Colombia Gesha by Gabriel Muñoz


When the coffee variety Gesha comes up in conversation, most people will think of strong floral notes. This is sometimes true however, this young Gesha is far from a single note coffee. It is very diverse with amazing depth. I get an amazing sweetness through a note of pineapple but not acidic or sour. I also taste vanilla and melon with a clean finish. 

Grower: Gabriel Muñoz - 2.5 Acre Farm

Variety: Gesha

Region: San Agustín, Huila, Colombia

Harvest: May – July 2019

Altitude: 1850 meters

Soil: Sandy loam

Process: Fully washed and dried under canopy that provides protection from rain

Roast Level: Medium

Farm Detail

Producer Gabriel Muñoz intercropped his 2.5 acres of coffee with Hass avocados (the trees provide shade and a significant source of agricultural income in their own right). He runs the farm with the help of his wife; together they have two daughters they support. Gabriel has his own micro-mill where he carefully harvests cherries, then hand sorts and floats them to remove damaged and less dense beans before depulping and fermenting for 36 hours. After this, he washes the coffee to remove the mucilage and then gently dries it on raised beds over a period of 3 weeks -- quite a long time period and one that speaks to high potential shelf-life and good moisture and water activity care.

This is one of the sweetest coffees I have tasted. You can taste the care that was taken in growing and processing this amazing coffee. This is a limited lot and is expected to sell out fast. 



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