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Roasting Entrepreneur

Roast Master, Roasting Manager, or just coffee roaster. I feel more like a Roasting Entrepreneur with the development of the Fig Leaf Coffee Company brand. These are all names given to the individual responsible for creating the heart of the beverage a large number of Americans rely upon daily, coffee. What a lot of consumers of this lovely drink don’t realize is that the coffee bean in its raw form is fairly useless. It is dense, tasteless and a medium green hue in color. It’s not until heat is applied through the roasting process that the bean begins to resemble the color and smell we know as coffee. 

While most anyone can buy green coffee beans from a number of places, the art of roasting comes with patience, time and experience. Under-roasting coffee usually yields an acidic cup where over-roasting leads to bitterness and a flat burnt flavor. Two roast masters can roast the exact same coffee but end up with a cup tasting totally different. I bring the level of patience and experience needed to create coffee that is exciting, memorable, and consistent. 

This is what sets us apart from all other small roasters. Utilizing the understanding of how a coffee bean reacts at different temperatures is paramount in creating a highly desirable cup of coffee. It is not easy and there is a great deal of nuance that goes along with this creation process. It doesn't happen overnight but the hard work and dedication are well worth seeing my customers overjoyed when they take that first sip. Perfection!  


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