Climate Change Impacts on the Coffee Industry

I have been watching the changes in our global weather for years. In the past 5-8 years, I have seen some big climate changes impacting the coffee industry. And if you're a coffee drinker these will impact your love for coffee. This video touches briefly on some of these issues. We will need to diversify coffee crops and be educated about these problems. If we are properly educated then we can correct the problems so coffee doesn't become an extinct crop.

Brewing with Chemex

Learn how to brew in a Chemex glass coffee brewer. Brewing with this method offers some huge advantages over your normal drip machine. Normal drip brewers provide a sometimes flat and uninteresting cup of coffee. 
Chemex brewing provides a wide range of flavor out of the coffee. You will experience our coffee the way it should be experienced. Full flavor with zero additives. This video provides some details andexplanation on how to brew with Chemex.

Grinding Your Beans

Grinding closer to brewing provides freshness which in-turn provides full flavor in the cup of coffee. This video gives some details on why grind particle size is very important. It also tells you which grind should be used for which brewing method. 
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